Storytelling With A Purpose

#3 Volunteers for America - Vanessa Clark

June 03, 2021 MemoryFox Productions Season 1 Episode 3
Storytelling With A Purpose
#3 Volunteers for America - Vanessa Clark
Show Notes

On today's episode of Storytelling with a Purpose, we are joined by Vanessa Clark, Director of Public Relations and Marketing of Volunteers of America. Volunteers of America Colorado is a nonprofit, faith-based organization dedicated to helping those in-need transform their lives. Through more than 50 distinct human service programs, Volunteers of America changes the lives of more than 140,000 vulnerable Coloradoans each year. VOA services include housing and emergency shelters, hunger and nutrition services, and many other community support programs. Our work touches the mind, body, heart and ultimately the spirit of those we serve. VOA integrates compassion with highly effective programs that build and strengthen communities.

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