Storytelling With A Purpose

#4 Pacific Community Ventures - Patrick Duggan

July 15, 2021 MemoryFox Productions Season 1 Episode 4
Storytelling With A Purpose
#4 Pacific Community Ventures - Patrick Duggan
Show Notes

On today's episode of Storytelling with a Purpose we are joined by Patrick Duggan. Patrick Duggan is the Director of Marketing and Communications for Pacific Community Ventures. In this role, he drives all of PCV’s marketing initiatives across the organization’s many programs. This includes PCV’s marketing campaigns, content strategy, brand direction, public relations, and marketing channels such as PCV’s web properties, print materials, events, social media, and newsletters.

Prior to working at PCV, Patrick served as Digital Marketing and Product Marketing Manager at TechSoup Global, where he planned and implemented their integrated marketing strategy. This involved developing campaigns, digital strategy, email communications and newsletters, and content marketing. He also fostered new partnerships with fellow capacity-building nonprofits, and developed the marketing capacity of TechSoup’s global network, promoting an organization-wide communication strategy.

Patrick holds a BA in literature and publishing from Emerson College in Boston, MA, as well as an MFA from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA.

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